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Force a player to complete your CAPTCHA before being able to play on your server!

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    Player CAPTCHA Advanced -DashCAPTCHA - Force a player to complete your CAPTCHA before being able to play on your server!

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  2. I have a few bugs to report. Not sure if it is a bug but I tried to add more slots but that just crashed the plugin. the default slots is 9 and I tried to do 54 and it did not work so I tried a few others and none worked. The only one that did was 9 so I was wondering if that is on purpose or if that is suppose to be configurable and a couple other things when I do complete the captcha and the lightning strikes or the fireworks go off or the wither sounds I get damage is that suppose to happen or is that another bug. I want to wait to review this plugin until I am sure of this stuff. Right now I do have some of those elements turned off as they do not work right I don't think. If you can get back to me ASAP that would be cool. Thanks.
  3. I am extremely sorry to hear this, I will be fixing it as soon as possible. Currently, I was trying to convert my current version to 1.12.2, but that would take a lot of time to also fix the bugs with in that version. I am going to go ahead and fix the bugs right now and update it without making it compatible with 1.12 for now.

    Thank you for the report,

  4. Also, I would suggest checking this page https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/dashies-player-captcha-advanced.75379/ for the updated version once it is out, I do not know how to remove this one.

  5. Sorry for the spam, I just got home and was just kind of excited, I never really have people telling me what to fix because they care to less, I think.
    Anyhow, the plugin has been fixed, it should work smuuthly now! Also check the update log, for there is something that will help you with the slots in the inventory.
  6. BTW, I am on a 1.15.1 server.
  7. That is alright, the newest update is compatible with 1.12 and up.