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  1. Hello,

    currently my bungeecord is only showing the player count of the players in the priority server, how can I make so it shows all players connected?


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  2. Phoenix616

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    Set ping_passthrough to false for your listener. It will then use the global player count and the motd information defined for the listener instead of the information from the priority server.
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  3. Hmmm but now the players names aren't showing in the voting/statistic websites. :(
  4. Phoenix616

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    It probably uses the playercount hover text for that. Maybe report that on the BungeeCord issue tracker, for now I would suggest you use a plugin like ServerListPlus to have more control over how the server list entry is configured but if that doesn't work either then I suggest trying to find some information on the sites themselves on how that feature works or asking them directly about it.
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  5. I'll test when I'm less busy, thanks!

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