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  1. Now before anyone flames me for wanting to edit our count in any way, shape, or form. Hear me out.

    We have a small network running on bungeecord. Along with the few servers we have connected through bungee we also have a Tekkit Lite server.

    Utilizing IRC we have connected chat between all the servers, including Tekkit.

    Our issue at the moment is that the Tekkit Server is the most popular and has drawn nearly our entire player base over to it. And while the players on Tekkit are able to talk to everyone on the bungee network, they are not included in the player count list.

    I feel this has been hurting us due to the fact that potential new players are seeing low online player counts, and at many times 0/x players online.

    So any recommendations for what we can do in this situation?

    I know many server owners would use something like this maliciously to spoof the player count but we have a legitimate reason for wanting the players on tekkit to reflect the network as a whole.

    I also understand that this can be a touchy subject so feel free to just tell me no if needed. :p

    (And now I am uncertain if I posted this in the correct place, so move me if I am wrong.)
  2. I would speak to CraftThatBlock he faked his player count so he would know how to.
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  3. Fixed.

    On topic: I wouldn't recommend doing this. Multiple bungee = 1 player count, I can help you with but combining other servers player count, nope.

  4. Well, legitimately "faking" the count would be my last option. And honestly I doubt we'd take that route even if it present itself. I guess I am hoping there is a way to add a count from one server to another, in addition to bungee.
  5. Oh and if it makes any difference to whether this is possible they are all running on the same dedicated host.
  6. I too am also interested in this. Having multiple bungee servers on the same machine but showing as the same ip between the two. Not because I do it, but because it seems like an interesting concept.
    Bungee server 1= 20 players
    Bungee server 2= 54 players

    Universal bungee server = 74 <--this would be the number that shows up in the server list.
  7. Go back to grade school.
  8. Well now I feel like a total idiot....that math.....meanwhile I was doing my calc homework from today....

    *fixed it.
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