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  1. Hello, I have recently invested a lot of time into network and general optimizations in Minestom ( and was wondering about the current highest player count reached in a single server, possibly with players being as close as possible to each other.

    To my surprise, the only result I got was a video from 2011 showing an unplayable server with around 2600 players:

    I therefore decided to give it a shot, and boy we did it!

    1500 bots (open-sourced & done by one of our developers, moving and consuming 2.1Gbps of bandwidth and around 30% of my i7-10875H.
    You might say that this is not 2600 and you are right, but this version is at least playable (the frame rate is also an issue as you can see) and I do have other tricks ready if some are willing to try their chance :)

    Feel free if you have any question, as the whole project is publicly available
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  2. I believe @Gianluca got around 300 on a single instance a little while ago, but I'm not sure if this was 1.16 or not. I've asked him on discord for his latest record, will update this post when he replies.

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  3. I just found that the first video I sent is actually a Guinness world record

    As for the bottleneck inside vanilla I am unsure. I can at least say that we have been blocked at around 300 until we decided to pre-compress & group packets, the biggest issue being movement packets as they increase exponentially