Player get kicked for spamming while writing a command to chat (Spigot 1.12.2, client 1.13)

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by kajahofman, Jul 19, 2018.

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  1. Hello,
    my players can't write commands in chat because they are kicked for spamming. My friend told me to write there and guess for removing this function from my spigot build. Thanks for help. Here is my Spigot build:!Am7L4QP8Sj7p4RuejeRE0n-jSCu6
  2. You should probably not distribute spigot.
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  3. It's much, much more likely to be a plugin than the Spigot build itself. I suggest removing that link and showing what plugins you're using.
  4. It's not a plugin. I've tested it on clean spigot server only with ViaVersion.
  5. ViaVersion is a plugin.
    Report the bug for it to their team through the proper channel.
  6. I can't believe that ViaVersion is causing this. I will check it on clear spigot server without ViaVersion.
  7. The only purpose ViaVersion has is to allow 1.13 to connect to 1.12.2
    It is exactly the issue you're having: a problem with a 1.13 client connecting to a 1.12.2 server

    And you say it's the oNLY plugin you have running. 1+1=2
  8. If it persists without ViaVersion and it is indeed your Spigot build, it was probably modified and from a source that isn't BuildTools, which is the legal and safe way of distributing/getting the official build.
  9. How do you connect to 1.12.2 with a 1.13 client, without viaversion?
  10. my bad, I totally spaced the last part of the thread name o.e
  11. hello, I have the same problem and I think it is the viaversion, when I enter with a client 1.13 to a server 1.12 I kikea when putting commands, but only if I am a normal user if I am as operator no. Is there any permission or something to avoid this problem? because I think that with some permission it is possible to be solved since when you are operated it does not pass this error thank you friends!
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  12. I had this same error on my server, then i fixed it, i dont remeber how. tho xD
  13. so did viaversion cause it
  14. Yep
    ViaVersion caused it, in the most recent version simply set "disable-1.13-tab-complete" to false and restart the server, that will fix ur problem :>
  15. Same problem, I got it disabled but I still have the issue, do I need to update to the latest version of via version?
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  16. Update to viaversion to 1.5.2 or above and set

    # 1.13 introduced new auto complete which can trigger "Kicked for spamming" for servers older than 1.13, the following option will disable it completely.
    disable-1_13-auto-complete: true
    You mean set to true?
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  17. Ahh so I need to set it to true? xD
  18. Yes, it should fix the problem
  19. electronicboy

    IRC Staff

    For clarification, This is a limiter added by craftbukkit to the server in order to prevent players spamming tab and crashing the server due to potential for a plugin which has a slow tab completion handler, there is a modification of spigot which allows you to play with these values on 1.12.2+ if you don't want to disable it, but the general issue here is that 1.12.2's tab limiter isn't designed around the 1.13 client which sends a tab completion request on every key press for bukkit commands, so commands which take user input can easily trip this limit in 1.12.2 and earlier, and even with the increased default limits in 1.13+ can still be an issue for some
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  20. yep, xD my bad
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