Player Getting New Rank When Completing Some Quests

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  1. Hello, I am looking for a plugin that can ranked players up from default rank to another rank when they complete some quests,
    I am using PermissionsEx
    My default rank is coal and for example, when I complete some quests, the plugin(that I an looking for) will automatically ranked me up to Iron rank through PermissionsEx

    Is there any plugin that can do that?

    Thank you for your time and sorry for my bad english :D

    Plugins that I am currently using:

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  2. Ok, you need a quests plugin, that is able to execute a command after completing the quest.
    I will recommend you Quests (i think the most popular and the best Quests plugin ever).

    You can simply configurate your own quest and in the reward settings, you can just type a command that will be executed after completing the quest (there you will put a command, that will switch the user's rank to the "Iron" rank).

    I hope it helped.
  3. For some reason the plugin doesn't work, i have server version 1.10
  4. Do you have Vault and economy plugin installed on your server?

    Can you post your log ?

    I have only Vault
  6. And e.g. essentials?
    EDIT: Sorry, I didn't see them on log, yes you have.

    Ok, I can't see the plugin (Quests) in your log... are you sure, that you pasted it into the plugins folder (sometimes I thought that I did and after refreshing FTP it disappeared)
  7. ProQuests by @JC_Plays_MC I would recommend, I own it myself and it's amazing. Easy to configure from ingame too.

    Yes it's premium but it's worth the money, otherwise go with a free option like the one above.
  8. Well, it works and I don't understand how it works now, the first time the plugin was not generation folders, now it does.
    Anyway thank you for your help guys