player.hasPermission() not working

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by zozidalom, May 11, 2016.

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  1. I use the Spigot.jar and it works fine for me.
  2. You do ;P
  3. I have never once done it and everything has worked perfectly fine without doing it.
  4. Depends on where he got it from. Before, I tried using one that came in the folder of a premade server (I get lazy) and tried to develop with it. Half of the methods were missing and barely anything worked. I went and got the one from BuildTools and it worked fine.
  5. I don't registrar my Permissions in my plugin.yml.
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  6. I don't register permissions at all.
  7. Just don't register your permissions in the plugin.yml and register them in your onEnable() and test. If it still doesn't work post errors here. And yes you do have to register permissions.
  8. Someone requested it! This is literately the most interesting plugin ever.
  9. Then can you explain why I have never had to.
  10. What? o_O
  11. I am not sure you never had to? I always had to and I always did it the way I told him to do it and it always worked. Also I use spigot.jar, same jar the server runs on and it works fine and doesn't lack one method.
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  12. Maybe he got a bad copy.
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  13. Mine came with a premade server where I had no idea where the person got it from. I gave it as a suggestion in case it would help him; I wasn't saying it was a definite answer.
  14. Not sure if this was sarcasm, it was really simple to make and somewhat fun. I even added in the option to make it work with Essentials. Resources I post I don't usually "keep up to date" since they aren't popular/useful..
  15. What if someone does not want people to know there gender. Or they find it creepy.
    Bad copy I am serious.
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  16. Btw you are sure you have the permission on the server you are testing, are you opped? It happens...
    I just hope SJW don't see your plugin lol :p Only male and female. (jk for those who don't understand sarcasm)
  17. Now this is a good idea.
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  18. I meannn there is always the default "[Unspecified]".
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