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  1. Does anyone know any plugin that does this?

    When a player does either

    /head /buy head

    it will then show a text saying

    Type Player Name To buy Their Head for $Price

    then you enter their ign like so


    then you get another message saying

    Would you like to Buy Cruz's head?

    then you either type Yes or No or Redo

    then you get the head im trying to get a plugin where players can buy peoples heads easily.
  2. Not sure of a plugin that does exactly this. You could request for it to be made or even better, try and make it yourself :p

    Or, you can get a plugin to spawn heads using a command and charge for that command.
  3. @Disorbs I have completed this plugin for you.
    Download it here:

    Commands: /buyhead <-- By it's self will show help for the command.
    /buyhead <Player> <-- Buy the head of a player. (Will be prompted to type yes/no in chat after).
    /buyheadprice <price> <-- Set the price for the buyhead command. (Permission node needed : buyheads.setprice).

    You're Welcome!

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  4. thanks man ill check it out, also they cant buy wither skulls with this can they? that would be a problem lol
  5. If you would like, you can just use essential's /skull and use the essentials command price system to add a price to it.

    If you don't want it /skull and you want it something like /buyhead or whatever, you can go and check out a command alias like MyCmd
  6. hmm what do you mean im kinda confused how would it work for typing a players head to get for $?
  7. hello i just tried it and i receive a 'null'? also is there a way to make it so they can buy there own heads, thanks
  8. Alright in the Essentials config there is this:
    Code (Text):
       home: 100
       kit-tools: 1500
    all you have to do to add a cost to execute /skull just:
    Code (Text):
       skull: 100
    it would cost $100 every time the player uses /skull <player>
  9. the thing is people are allowed to spawn withers couldnt they just do /skull wither and spawn it? with 3 skulls
  10. Nope. It would spawn the Player wither head.
    So if someones username would be wither, it would spawn that.

    Edit: Plus if that wasn't the case, You can just use worldguard or essentialsprotect to deny spawning of the wither.

    This forum is also in the wrong section.
    This forum is problems plugin developers have.
    Not server administrators ;)
  11. yeah ik it went all of topic anyways thanks littlebigbug i just learned something new that can be very
    helpful to me in the future thanks :)
  12. You're very welcome.
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  13. @Disorbs
    Could you make it like the Archon? Sell heads ect