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Bug Player joins/leaves lags the server

Discussion in 'Bugs & Feature Requests' started by davewolax, May 24, 2015.

  1. I noticed when player joins or leave the server, everyone experience about 2 seconds lag.

    In normal times, when I type "/tps" it says (*20, *20, *20). but when player joins I type /tps it says (17, 20, *20), then it goes back to 20.

    In bukkit.yml I set the connection throttle to "-1" so the server should let players to join at once even hundreds right? but I'm talking about 1-5 players joining at once for now.

    Could it be because of plugins which use database such as (CoreProtec, HawkEye, EchoPet, etc...)?
    In the hub server I disabled all plugins that use database such as block logging plugin and pets etc and this seems to be optimized but still happens every time player joins or leaves.

    Server Version: 1.8.5
    RAM allocated: 8GB
    CPU Usage: under %10
    Storage type: SSD

    Anyone else experiencing this issue? is there a fix?
  2. Or it could be from internet speed.
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  3. What CPU?
    Also, remove all plugins and see if it happens without plugins.
    Some plugins do alot of tasks on quit/on join events.
    So if multiple plugins + lots of tasks on join/leave = lag on join/leave
  4. E3 - 2.8GHz Quadcore
    Total 32GB RAM
    512GB SSD

    I think this is not really bad machine.

    I mean 8GB is allocated to one sever doesn't mean the entire machine has only 8GB.
    I disabled some other plugins, but this happens specially when about 10-15 players joining at once.

    I saw on some servers about 50-80 players join every second! (Although they create multiple lobbies to spread players that join at once) but no lag at all.
  5. Hawkeye hasn't updated since 2014 and I don't have newer version.

    I disabled a lot of functions in Hawkeye config such as block logger etc... and also increased the SQL connection throttle and data, it was optimized pretty well but still not perfect.
  6. A hub server doesn't need hawkeye. Just disable all worlds and plugins as possible and keep a backup of the world folder when you release it that people if they tried and don't hack the backend can take.
    Any hub server I setup for people I disable nether/end move spawn to 0 65 0 cords, set the world name to "hub" or "lobby" and make them always spawn at spawn point. Very useful, and shit I just leaked what I do (facepalm) :p
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  7. I think it would be a plugin or more, only choose the plugins you think would listen for PlayerJoinEvent.
  8. Because that is totally your secret recipe, and 90% of Hubs certainly aren't made this way.. Right?
  9. I didnt copy it from any server.
    And it was a joke :p
    But i did think of that, i then checked popular servers and they do similar.