player kicked for flying

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  1. So ive seen alot of players that cant connect to the server because they keep receiving the
    "Kicked for flying is not enabled" and its stupid reasons like they're either inside the ground
    or in a tree that spawned or in a cobblestone gen water source how can i fix this?

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    Disable it in the file.
  3. wont hacker be able to fly or as long as i have NC+ its okay?
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  5. if u change that in your config a hacker no longer get kicked for fly...
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    Why is that a problem?
  7. stop being a turd and posting crap its not hard to answer correctly
  8. Please don't be rude, he's just trying to help.
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  9. we are trying to help you and then benig dumb/rude wow so sadly :(
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    He said that setting that to false would stop people being kicked for flight.

    I asked why that is a problem. Because.... Why would that be a problem?

    Your rudeness is very unjustified.