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  1. Hello Guys!

    So basically I am just making a server and I tried to find any good Player Leveling plugin, a plugin that have features such as gaining EXP from mining blocks, or killing entities; per level rewards & max level in cfg.
    I really couldn't find a good plugin that actually works on paperspigot 1.16.4. Some plugins that I have found were old, inactive, bad performanced, missing features.

    I know that Alonso have made a new levels plugin, but I really want to skip features like GUIs (Just want to make it easy to use), so players will get rewards instantly.

    Thank you very much all for your help.

    - TadiklCZE
  2. *Also I don't really care if the plugin is paid, or not*
  3. I think it really depends on how you want the levelling to work. Its possible to make this through a resource like BossShopPro - if you want players to trade in resources (money, exp, items, etc.) for levels - or if you're looking for something more RPG based then MMOCore is really good with continuous support.
  4. I understand what you mean but FreeRPG would be the closest to such since the GUI isn't "mandatory".

    Since players' stats will automatically goes up regardless they spend the tokens or not. The tokens is just so they can "pick and choose" which extras they would like.
  5. Okay so player levelling system is just about a Player's level. He can increase his level by mining/killing mobs and when he reach X amount of EXPs he rankup to a new level. Each level will for example give you money. (It really isn't something RPG)
  6. I described the plugin maybe bit confusing. However, the plugin will have only one main level, not something like skills, etc. Player will be able to show his level by /level and see when he rankup. I want to have rewards only such as money, vanilla EXPs, etc. No abilities, etc. (I use mcMMO for this )
  7. Easy on the multiple posts right away

    Did your dev leave you with the source for that resource? And are they able to still be contacted if absolutely necessary?
  8. I can get a source from him, but mostly fixes of plugins are not really cheap tbh :D
  9. I am pretty sure it's depends on the fixations required. If your UPGRADING from a older version to like now then yea it'll cost ya. But just to fix some bugs, you can probably get that settled with a few dev hours or so.
  10. if your dev was willing to make it open source then more than likely there's someone who would fork it and attempt to update it - if they really had the need to
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  11. i don't wanna self promote but this is basically that, i recently just recoded my plugin and it has better performance then previous versions of the plugin and also has the features you requested
  12. To be honest, I actually waited for this moment ^^ Thank you for recoding it <3