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  1. When I attempt to export a Spigot plugin that I made, this happens:
    JAR creation failed. See details for additional information.
    Exported with compile errors: VickiEssentials-1.9/src/main/com/vickiessentials/
    Class files on classpath not found or not accessible for: 'VickiEssentials-1.9/src/main/com/vickiessentials/'

    The code for it is at
    and for all my main files.
    Can someone help me with this?
    It's 1.9 spigot on Eclipse.
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  2. If u want more chance of help on this, post it in spigot plugin development, thats where u post for coding help
  3. didnt realize that when i posted it, hopefully it's good now
  4. FormallyMyles


    public @ onCommand(CommandSender = sender, Command = listrules, String = string instanceof String[])@

    What are you doing, this isn't valid java?

    public void onCommand(CommandSender sender, ...) {

    maybe is.
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  5. I'd never seen a language that supports anything I saw in there. In any case I'd suggest you head out and look for some Java tutorials. :) Youtube tends to have some great resources to get you started in both Java and using the Spigot API at the same time.