Player Money Resetting?

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  1. Hi! I've been having a brand new problem on my server, which is still in development fortunately, as this is a somewhat game-ruining issue. I have a server that is not bungeed, but rather uses permissions for each world as well as Multiverse, and MultiWorldMoney. The issue is that I also have ASkyBlock, and when players go from the hub world to the Island and visa versa, their money resets along the way, without fail. Can anyone help me?

    I've also noticed that it will tell me my balance when I set the balance through MWM, then when I teleport into another world, it will repeat that balance. When I do /bal in the new world, it shows the value that SHOULD be in the other world. When I go back, it resets to 0, and then it all resets to zero. In case that helps.
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  2. MultiWorldMoney is a plugin that literally stores economy data on per world basis which means players have different balances in different worlds. Thats why your balances are getting reset

    You should use an economy plugin thats stores player/bank data in a database (mySQL, MongoDB) so it could be accessed from every installation of the plugin
  3. It's not that the balances are different in each world that's the issue. That's the point. The problem I'm having is that upon returning to a world, the balance is not being kept. If world A has $50 in it, and I go to world B with what was supposed to be $0, it says $50. When I return to world A, it is at $0, and going back to world B also says $0 at that point.
  4. seems like a storage problem