Player Stuck on Loading Terrain

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by Chronosworld, Jun 13, 2018.

  1. Hi,

    Since I updated my spigot to the latest version of 1.12.2, some of my player are stuck on "Loading Terrain".

    Version :

    Plugins :

    I have a dedicated server.

    If someone know from where it could come from :)
  2. 2 things
    - Specs on that dedicated server?
    - Try reverting to a older version does this fix it
  3. I've noticed according to SpigotBuyerCheck you're name doesn't appear on any of the premium plugins you are using.
    If you have pirated these plugins, go search for support where you pirated them.

    If you got them from someone who no longer uses them, make sure they're updated and at the latest version.

    These forums aren't particularly helpful when dealing with pirated content. - And yes, pirated content can be causing the issues you're having.
  4. Specs: Intel i7-920 2,66GHz, 16Go DDR3 1333 MHz
    i will try to change the version but where can I find? Because I'm using BuildTools which download the latest version
  5. I don't use pirated content, all the plugins were buy on spigot but not all with these account.

  6. My apologies.