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  1. "Constant Updates" his page says. Still not even updated to 1.12, lag issues, MySQL issues.....this plugin is turning out to be crap.
  2. Wish this was open source so I could just fix your issues and update it to 1.12.......
  3. Would like the items names of the items to support UTF-8. As it is now, whenever I add an item with UTF-8 format in the name, it removes it and replaces it with "?", which is the standard I presume.
  4. Please consider these:

    - Make it so your mouse cursor doesn't go back to the middle every time you go through your vaults.

    - Remove the "Next disabled & previous disabled" or make it so we can make it blink.

    - Fix the very annoying flicker when switching vaults. (If possible)
  5. Do items keep there names when it’s in a vault? For playervaults when blocks had a name and you put them into your vault and took them out they would disappear(the name that is)
  6. It keeps names since my plugin uses NBT's. And plugin is not inactive as i saw your message on my profile. I didn't had time to work on it since i was not home for 7 months. Now i'm back home and working on plugins.
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  7. The reviews are what scares me and the time you last updated this plugin.
  8. Yeah i know. I was unable to do anything on plugin for 7 months.
    There is no bugs in my plugin if you want to use it feel free. The biggest problem to fix now is shulker boxes and overall performance off plugin.
    Like i said plugin is completely usable for all version it has problem with items in shulker boxes and small performance problems which i detected and working on fix.
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  9. Could you possibly do what PlayerVaults did and maybe make it so when you right click a sign it opens your vault?

    And this is a question. I have in my donation shop that when someone donates they get like 1 to 2 extra player vaults. If they are default rank with 2 vaults already when they donate for 2 more will they get 4 if I say it to a personal permission? (Sorry if thats difficult to understand)
  10. I'll consider the signs thing.
    If you add permission to them yes
  11. Dope. Thank you for the answers I believen you and will purchase this.
  12. As you wish, or wait for update to be sure. Thank you for your time

    Play Minecraft, don't play with yourself :p !
  13. Um... what?
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  14. Uhm not my fault, it's my keyboard :p
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  15. no-vault: "&cYou dont have a vault!"

    what does this mean
  16. [PlayerVaultsGUI] Could not save config.yml to plugins\PlayerVaultsGUI\config.yml because config.yml already exists.

    I tried to do everything but I keep getting this warning. Hope your still alive
  17. dijabola18 updated PlayerVaults 1.7 - 1.12 [With unique GUI, UUID and MYSQL support] with a new update entry:

    Announce to everyone (Update incoming)

    Read the rest of this update entry...
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  18. Thank you <3
  19. I'm glad your back :)