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  1. So i have couple questions regarding "PlayerBalancer".
    I would need some help since i'm new to this plugin.
    for main lobbies in PB config:
    What does [1-3] means and how can i make couple of main lobbies.
    Does this setup from lobbies apply same for skywars, bedwars.. etc etc lobbies too?
    Do i need to change in BungeeCord config file Lobby [1-3] or Lobby-1 Lobby-2 etc etc too so player be able to joins those lobbies and do i need to make three another spigot lobbies to work ?
    Does anyone have some configured config so i can look and understand better?
  2. 1-3 means the amount of lobbies. Usually, you won't need more than 1 lobby unless you have a lot of players on the server. This setup doesn't really work well with lobbies from gamemodes. I don't understand why you need a guide for the config when the plugin page already documented very specifically on how it works.