Spigot PlayerCameraEffect [OpenSource] 1.1

Change the way the player is looking!

  1. Marcely99 submitted a new resource:

    PlayerCameraEffect - Change the way the player is looking!

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  2. floory565


    Looks cool - seems like a clever EULA compliant donator perk!
  3. Seems like a nice Plugin, but it seems to not work on 1.8.8?
    Just gives a black screen :/.
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  4. nothing happens, no errors, nothing.
    playing with 1.10.2
  5. Also on 1.8.8 I only get a black screen :/
  6. its working for me perfectly...
    ill test this then on my other server
  7. can i join your server so you can show it to me?
  8. OK that is my problem :D

    You mean with entity that mob spawning is denied from worldguard?
  9. ye
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  10. the inventory dupes itself if i use the effects.

    //edit players lost theire level
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  11. Dude, awesome plugin really great job, but could you short the command to just pce, and not playeffect, also, could you set, so we can disable the message in chat, because it breaks the immersivity, but this plugin is really awesome. Do you think you could do a camera plugin also ?
  12. Isn't this just super secret settings?
  13. Which doesn't exist anymore.
    And even if, the server wouldn't be able to click on that.
  14. Could you update it to 1.11.2 ? Thanks ! :D
  15. It should be same as 1.11 - So it should work