playerCommand causing lag spike.

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  1. So my server tps has been stable above 19tps for a month or more besides for worldedits and such. And this morning I felt a lag spike and found my tps down to 14 tps then it took about a few minutes to recover.
    I was able to get a short timings of the lag spike and it showwed this

    The only thing i changed today was i updated to the new 1.8.6 spigot... I looked in the logs and only a few basic essentials commands were used during the lag spike.

    The timings did not show the lag spike to be from any plugins. But still from a command.

    Very odd. Changing back to a 1.8.3 spigot build from now.
  2. Try cleaning up entities, and remove some worlds you aren't using. You might want to read this too.
  3. If you looked at the timings you would have seen this isnt entities causing the spike. I saw a cpu spike that is not relevant to the plugins, entities or worlds when looking at the timing report so i made a thread to try to figure it out.

    EDIT: the only thing else that could have caused this is if someone had a hack to run a ton of commands that are spigot commands then it wouldnt show up for a plugin in timings

    EDIT: During the lag spike i spawned about 5 groups of 3 cows with /spawnmob

    which i did a test and did the same thing and it did lag once but didnt for the other times.
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  4. Oh screw you, we give you valid advice, so you spit in our faces and tell us we can't read timings.
  5. I'm sorry you feel that way, but I don't see anywhere or anything in those timings that suggest that this is a problem with too many entities or worlds.

    Even if it was due to a massive amount of entities it would have caused the tps drop to last until they are removed. Which im looking for a cause to a lag spike which is not constant.
    EDIT: The only line that shows any use of entities is

    3.81% 1.31 s 1.90 ms 1.0 0.7k Survival18 - tickEntities
  6. Letterly the first line. And, you can clearly see other worlds slowing down TPS.
  7. I have concluded that the entities are not the cause of lag. Here is a timing without the lag spike. This timing is a bit longer then the one of the lag spike. Note "Survival18 - tickEntities" is about the same and my tps is 19.99

    The only difference is the Connection Handler and PlayerCommand events were higher during the lag spike. Ill try to get another timing to see if anything else pops up.