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  1. help me to get the location of the block that the player clicks and verifies if it is the same as the config


    dono: watyn

    my code:

    Block bloco = event.getClickedBlock();
    if(bloco.getLocation().equals(Main.maquinaConfig.get(bloco.getWorld().getName() + ":" + bloco.getX() + ":" + bloco.getY() + ":" + bloco.getZ()))) {

  2. You're comparing a location object and a config element?

    You'll have to create a new Location object and compare the two locations that way.
  3. Stai usando il codice in modo sbagliato, non è necessario aggiungere le coordinate.
    Prova così:
    Code (Java):
    Block bloco = event.getClickedBlock();