Spigot PlayerJoinMessage 1.2

[1.7.10] Adds a custom Join and Leave message

  1. yourmaster01 submitted a new resource:

    PlayerJoinMessage - 1.7.10

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  2. why not 1.8? lol tutorial kid
  3. Works with 1.8.x I just tested. :)
    Also if you read it, he says:
    "This is for 1.7.10+" The plus basically means anything above will work too ;)
  4. isnt there other join plugins? I could use DeluxeJoin with better quality with the same thing as this. Tell me why your plugin is better.
  5. Well there is but here's my review:
    "Great little plugin for people who just want to turn off their essentials message of the day or just want a cool player join and leave display for private 'Vanilla Spigot' servers :)"
    And if you look at the authors name and mine, I am not the creator I am just showing my appreciation this guys for his work.
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  6. Nice to see you making plugins but you need to think who will use this? There are already many and most people hvae essentials which has a built in one. You need to make it unique but its awesome that you are trying :D