Spigot PlayerKillMoney (PKM) 1.4.1

Give players money when they kill others!

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    Player Kill Money (PKM) - Give players money when they kill others!

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  2. Hello, mate. The plugins works great. But I got problem.
    When people kill themselves by shooting arrows in the air etc. then they get money aswell, is it possible to be fixed?
  3. And is it possible to give another rank more money each kill than the default one?
  4. Ok, I'll fix this in the next update! :D

    Maybe I might also add this feature. :p
  5. Nice mate, you will get 5 stars! :)
  6. I'll try to fix this as fast as possible, maybe tomorrow.
  7. How can i set
    Player = 10 Money
    Vip = 20 Money
    VipPlus = 30 Money

    I want like this how possible ?
  8. I am working on this feature. It will be possible in the next update.
  9. Thanks ! :)
  10. Well we can set lost money ?
    Player get 10 money
    Vip get 20 money
    Vipplus get 30 money

    and all when die lost 5 money. This is possible ?
  11. Maybe in a future update.
  12. I hope you add this option in a future thanks :)
  13. I see boosting in the near future....
  14. I don't get it
  15. Boosting is where two friends get together and let each other kill one another. Basically this plugin will inflate the economy in a short time because it's a infinite money source.
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