Spigot PlayerLabels 1.2.3

Displays players' ranks alongside their names

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    PlayerLabels - Displays players' ranks alongside their names

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  2. Looks cool, but why is the file size 7+ MB?
  3. Yeah, my apologies. My IDE included all of the dependencies, even though it was the pom.xml said otherwise. Anyway, I fixed that so it's only several KBs now.
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  4. Crashes players clients. With the error of a nettyException of string being too long
  5. Awesome, could you please add DuluxeChat support?
  6. I'll fix that in this weekend's update.

    In what way should I integrate with that plugin?
  7. @XylenTV So that I can use the player ranks above their heads, would be awesome ^_^
  8. Can u add GroupManager Support?
  9. It already supports that!

    Code (Text):
    /pex group Admin create
    /pex group Admin prefix &4Admin
    /pex user xRogueDrogonx group set Admin
    and voilĂ 

    @BinaryDctr is going to add that.
  10. Can you add support for bPermissions?
  11. I'll add bPermissions aswell. :)
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  12. its a tad bit buggy, it sometimes glitches and shows everyone with Admin
  13. Installed the plugin, added prefixes using pex, nothing shows up, what i'm doing wrong ? even after 2 restarts....
  14. What version of Spigot are you using?
  15. Are by any chance using another plugin which uses scoreboards? If you are, that will likely override PlayerLabels. This is a caveat of all name tag modifying plugins. If any developers request it, I can open up an API to allow scoreboard plugins to use the same scoreboards that PlayerLabels uses.

    Can you provide some evidence/way to replicate this? There's not much I can do with just that.
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  16. well I have mcmmo, bungeetablistplus and also scoreboardstats...
  17. @Horus
    Do this bypass the characterlimit?