Bukkit PlayerMention - Completely Recoded 3.7

When a player says your name in chat it will notify you

  1. HYPExMon5ter submitted a new resource:

    PlayerMention - When a player says your name in chat it sends you a message and makes a sound.

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  2. Thanks, Leave A Review If You Like It! ;)
  3. I havnet tried out this noise but it would be cool if it sounded like the Annoying Teamspeak voice of
    "Hey are you there"? when someone pokes you XD.
  4. xD, Sadly That Is Not Possible....
  5. I did add that and you are welcome ;)
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  6. Oh just realized you said command, I was actually going to look into adding this in before you even said this xD
  7. HYPExMon5ter updated PlayerMention with a new update entry:

    Commands And Fixes!

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  8. Hey guess What, I did it ;) yw
  9. Looks good, I thought of this EXACT thing this morning. Beat me to it. Good job though!
  10. Thanks! Leave a review? :)
  11. Hey HYPExMon5ter, I was wondering if it would be okay if I took the base of this plugin, and added some new features. Ill give credit to you for the plugin, and will link you back.
  12. Why don't you just give me suggestions?....
  13. I'm kinda re-coding the whole plugin. :p But I am using yours as a base, if that's fine with you, im just making the commands a bit more convenient. instead of just /dm and /em

    EDIT: I apologize, I forgot to reload server, disable message works.
  14. That's because you have to reload ....
  15. I give you permission to add/takeaway/fix things in this plugin BUT you may NOT post/giveout the edited version!

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