Spigot PlayerMention - Completely Recoded 3.7

When a player says your name in chat it will notify you

  1. If you're gonna have us use your website for suggestions you should allow a way for someone to suggest without having to wait for approval for signing up :p
  2. Wait for approval? You just approve it on your email but I can allow people to post without signing up I suppose, it's to prevent spam though.
  3. Sorry, I will fix that.. I don't know how it ended up like that lol
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  4. HYPExMon5ter updated PlayerMention - Support site added! with a new update entry:

    Removed GUI + Bug Fixes + Change sounds in-game + More

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  5. Hmm idk why it's been doing this, I will work on fixing it.. I'll approve your account though.
  6. HYPExMon5ter updated PlayerMention - Support site added! with a new update entry:


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  7. @HYPExMon5ter First, glad to know you still keep this plugin active. Thanks for all :) Now, about the "cooldown" update.

    "only mention someone if their name is said alone".

    But that affects players that like to use @Username to talk with someone. Can you add exceptions? Also, things like "text text username!" still mention someone, right?
  8. Ah yes, I will add an exception for players that do @user but yes, it will still work as before but instead of it working like "HYPExMon5tertest" it would not count that as a mention anymore, it'd have to to "HYPExMon5ter test" to count as a mention :)
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  9. Thank you so much!
  10. No problem, next time suggest stuff on my website though because I got one basically for that reason so I can keep track of bugs and suggestions easier :) https://hypexmon5ter.net/forums
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  11. add so you can disable chat message actionbar message and title message so you can just use one
    make it so you can customize the messages
    make particles for 1.8 available
  12. You can disable all of that.. only thing you can't disable is the sound.
  13. theres only this in the config
    Particle: disabled
    EveryoneParticle: disabled
    Sound: ORB_PICKUP
    EveryoneSound: LEVEL_UP
  14. Are you using the latest version?
  15. Yes
  16. K, well I will test something when home and see if that's happening to me as well but idk. Try deleting the whole PlayerMention folder and restarting your sever or reloading the plugin with plugman
  17. tried restarting with the folder deleted same thing happens
  18. Kk, will test when home.. thank you.
  19. Works fine for me, here is the default config: https://hypexmon5ter.net/plugins/config.yml
    Copy and paste this into your current config then restart your server.
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