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  1. hmm is it possible to add an option that would let a player apply multiple groups at same time? For example, i would like for a player to have option to equip only like a specific particle which would require me to use group. However i would also like for the same player to be able to combine this premade particle effect with another premade particle effect. With current situation it would only be possible to do it by making group1 with one particle, then group 2 with second particle, and group3 where both particles are togather. But what im thinking is what if you could skip that group3 and make it able to apply group 1 and group 2 at same time rather than have additional 3rd. Of course would also need to set a limit how many groups to be allowed applied at same time. and this would make this plugin even more customizable.
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  2. The plugin has no sense of when you actually have a group applied, all it does is adds the same particles to you that you had during group creation. This seems like something that would cause enough headache to add for something that wouldn't be used by a whole lot of people, so I'm going to have to say I can't add this for now. If you want to create a feature request for this in my discord channel for it or on GitHub, feel free to.
  3. hmm i see. Thanks for your answer. Basicly my idea was lets say you load a preset group, and then load another present group. Normally 2nd group overrides the first group and 1st is gone until u change it back. I was thinking an option that would instead of resetting 1st group adding up on it instead, and then a button in presets that just resets it back to nothing. If its hard to add, its fine. im just looking for best ideas for my upcoming server. This is a really nice plugin i will definetly use either way.
  4. Hi, something wrong with permission manager, its so laggy on player join.
  5. You read the timings report wrong. The only way that will show up on the timings report is if you reload the plugin during the time the report is being taken. I have it fixed in a dev build regardless https://ci.codemc.io/job/Esophose/job/PlayerParticles/
  6. I dont reload plugin, just started server and connect
  7. Well, either way that's a non-issue. It happens a single time while the plugin registers permissions and won't affect performance of anything at all
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  9. Hello, I wanted to ask you, is there a command to activate effects without going through the gui? Same to remove the effects? I ask that because I would like to create a new interface thanks to a skript which by clicking on the icon to execute the command to put the effects. On this menu I would like to put all the presets there so that players can see the effects that exist, even if they don't have permission to use them. Unless there is an option to do this on the plugin? In any case I did not find anything. If players don't have permission to use the preset, they don't see the entire effect icon at all, and I think that's a shame.
  10. lol dude, check overview page
  11. I think I if I got to post a message in discussion is that I did not find what I'm looking for. should still what I'm looking for exists.
  12. in this case i have bad news for you...
  13. Hello. Cool plugin! Currently, it seems not possible to set all players the same effect + style. Would you like add a command for this feature in the future? It's pretty usefully for server events.
  14. Is this compatible for 1.17?
  15. Yes. I'm still working on the update to add the new 1.17 particles, but it is fully compatible with 1.17.
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  17. Suggestion: particles triggered on teleport

    Example: when players tp using commands like /home, /spawn, /tpa, etc. a particle effect plays for a short duration.

    I think this could look really cool with some of the particle effects that you have in this plugin.

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