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  1. It would be great!
  2. Hello,
    I send you this message to propose to add wings of phœnix and a crown to the plugin thank you to answer.
    Sincerely Fyouzard.

    I used a translator for this message

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  3. In my case playerparticles.style.* permission is not working. I'm using GroupManager and the only way to make styles work is to add them one by one. Is it the same for everyone? ( And no, there are no typos)
  4. I think arrows style can have a option called "track-delay", it will define the frequency of the particle appear at the arrow(or projectiles),in ticks
  5. Does someone want to make some presets for me for $$?
  6. what do you want
  7. how do I give someone access to certain presets and/or groups??
  8. Create the presets in preset_groups.yml, enable allow-permission-override, set the permission to whatever you want, then give the players/groups that permission.
  9. I want to develop based on the api of this plugin, but I can't understand the api, can you provide examples?
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  11. Esophose updated PlayerParticles with a new update entry:

    PlayerParticles v7.22

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  12. is there a way that I(admin) can loadis there a way that I(admin) can load or create custom styles to other player with gui? or create custom styles to other player with gui?
  13. The only way to modify the particles of another player is with the plugin's commands. You can do it with the /ppo <player> <command> command.
  14. Can you add a function that you can add particles to entity/NPC?
  15. You can do with with the /pp fixed create command as long as the NPCs do not move. They won't actually be attached to the entities themselves but they can still look like it if you position them properly.
  16. Dumb question... when I enable particle effects with Player "A", and then disable them, why does player "B" still see particle effects on player "A"?

    View from player "B":

    Outside view of player "A":

  17. Are you using the /pp toggle command? That command just hides all particles spawned by PlayerParticles. If you want to disable the particles you'll need to remove them with /pp reset for example.
  18. What if the npcs are movable?
  19. Then that's not possible right now.