Spigot PlayerProtections - An original area claiming plugin 1.1.1

Let players create and manage their land protection with GUIs

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    PlayerProtections - An original area claiming plugin - Let players create and manage their land protection with GUIs

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  2. Nice resource, it's pretty unique!
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  3. Awesome plugin. Does not need WorldGuard support.

    Could you add the message settings in the config. Add the number of blocks for each of the groups. And make it so that the player can install several blocks nearby?!
  4. What do you mean by the number of blocks for each of the groups? And thank you, I'll think about everything you said
  5. Set a limit on created blocks for permission. For example "playerprotections.limit.1, 2" etc.
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  6. By the way, you can borrow functionality from such plugins as: ProtectionStones and KarenProtect.
  7. may i suggest working on the build and interaction flags. unless it was intentional to make it so build only allowed public break and requires interaction to place blocks, i figured interact was meant for interaction of things like doors, switches etc.. also damage mobs, probably be a good idea to allow hostile to be damaged and just protect animals.. just ideas. LOVE the concept however, hope this continues to progress!
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  8. Can I reprint this plugin to mcbbs.net?
    They also need such a useful and fascinating plugin.
  9. The interact required to build is a code mistake, will be fixed
    And for damage mobs maybe yes, but imagine if you have a zombie tower and don't want people to use it?

    If you give credit and link to the spigot page for the download and not uploading the jar file to the website, yes
  10. Really hope this good plugin supports 1.12!
    Please update it in future version!<3
  11. Maybe perhaps a separate flag for hostiles or one specific to animals?
  12. Good idea, I'll think of it
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    PlayerProtections - Update 1.1.0

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  14. Support for older versions will come, not my highest priority though
  15. I tested this plugin.It seems that if you make the block ID in config can be used in 1.12,this plugin can work well.
  16. The block ID is already configurable in the config, I don't know what do you mean..
  17. I mean that 1.12 or lower version's in-game block ID is different from 1.13 or higher(because a update called "The Flattening",right?)
  18. Try with the latest version, it works fine on 1.12