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  1. Hey everyone,
    I have a bungeecord server running and I have a big problem. When people join the game, they don't have to login because they could just press the compass and select a server. This teleports them to a server with no login and they are able to do anything they want. For example, this happened to me twice already and my spawn in Prison got griefed twice. I am looking for a plugin that will give the compass, chest, etc after the person has successfully logged in. Oh yeah my server is cracked btw.

    Thank you for any help :D
  2. Bump... I need help asap because my players are waiting to play.
  3. you did something wrong, may i see your bungeecord config... <---- post there
  4. I tried using a proxy plugin but it didn't work because when I would join through bungee, it said that I need to join through a proxy. The IPS for each server used to be localhost but I changed it to normal ips because whenever I ip banned someone, everyone got ip banned because everyone's ips were
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    turn online mode to true so that usernames are verified against mojang's servers to correct this issue
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    So what you're saying is you own a cracked server, which does not verify names against Mojang's login sessions. Thus, a player can join under your name (assuming you have operator perms) and do whatever they want. I'd advise removing the compass server selector because the login plugin doesn't block that interaction. Remove it, add server portals and disable /server, you should then be all good.

    He said it's cracked, so he probably wants it in offline mode.
  7. I saw a server Guildcraft that had the compass and all of the hub gadgets appear after you login.
    That server IP:

    I also was looking into the plugin AuthMe. I am pretty sure it blocks certain commands before you login. I am not sure. Anyone know?
  8. I will try using the plugin AuthMe Reloaded because it hides your inventory until you login. It should work. Hopefully :D
  9. You just need to delete "server command perm" from your bungee config thats all.
  10. Problem Fixed!!! I switched to authme which protects your inventory before you login. I disabled the bungee commands in bungee config and set warps next to the portals so when people use the compass, it warps them to the portals.

    The only Issue I have is that people can't make more then one account. It tell them that they have exceded registration amount. I edited it in config but it still doesn't work.. Please help