players are not able to break blocks in a certain area?

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  1. Hello, I have create a 1.13 spigot server and had no problems. Until a player told me that there was an area that he could not break. I have removed all of my plugins relaunched the server and deleted all my server files except for the world I was using and It will still not let players break blocks in that specific area. When I tested the world on single player and on a vanilla 1.13 minecraft server, Everything worked fine.

    I am unsure if this is bug

    I have read and understood what was written here
    PPS: Bug reports which do not 1) contain a declaration of testing in Vanilla and without plugins, or 2) in the case of plugin API bugs, contain a minimal reproduction case (source + jar please) will be closed. Bug reports must contain step by step instructions to reproduce the bug from a clean server install with no assumptions or prior knowledge. Also make sure you include the full output of /version in your report. Please copy and paste this statement to the bottom of your report to indicate that you have read and understood it.
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    1. Remove your Spigot 1.13 link, What you are doing is not legal
    2. .Are you able to build in that region when you're an operator? -> reduce spawn-protection in to zero.
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    Thread moved to Spigot Help, edited OP to remove link to illegal mirror.

    Use BuildTools, the legal method of obtaining the CraftBukkit or Spigot servers. As for your issue, see @ysl3000's answer as this is most likely to do with your spawn-protection option in the server properties file.
  3. Does Build tools provide the stable version of spigot? The one i'm currently using is like an experimental version
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    As opposed to?

    ALL spigot builds are from BuildTools, just on those websites someone else has done the buildtools running (and who knows what else)
  5. @md_5 oh ok, I just normally google for spigot downloads and there was a whole list of spigot versions. But thanks I will use buildtools from now on.
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