Players bug in floor!

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  1. Hello, the problem I present is that I have a server dedicated to PVP, and for the same reason I use spigot 1.7.10 that for many of this community is the best for pvp, the problem is that I do not know if I have to see with the spigot .jar or with the plugins, and is that sometimes players in teleports, whether warps, or tp, or that type of teletransportation, appear "bugeados" on the ground, does not hurt them and is only a "visual" bug but They look as if half of the body is on the floor and the other on it comes out, but they are not really like that, I mean?
  2. GaIaxy


    That was really hard to read and understand.

    Regardless, it could be a network or lag issue. What's your server specs, and where is the server located?
  3. Ok, tratare de explicarlo mejor, supongamos que "2 personas nos hacemos Tp a un urdimbre", nosotros llegamos a la guerra, todo normal, pero no siempre, pero con ellos, el o yo se bugea, ┬┐como asi ?, que si yo veo A esa persona ora, como si fuera tuvieralamitad del cuerpo metida en el suelo, pero en realidad no esta asi, visualmente lo veo asi pero el esta caminando normal, o puede que pase con migo, como con no pasa, los TPS De mi maquina no bajan de 20
  4. Ok, I'll try to explain it better, suppose "2 people we do Tp to a warp", we arrive at warp, all normal, but not always, but sometimes, he or she bugea, like that?, That if I see To that person, I see with lamitad the body buried in the floor, but in reality it is not this way, visually I see it like this but he is walking normal, or it may happen with me, as with not happening, the TPS of my machine does not Fall of 20