Players CANNOT die

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  1. in my spigot server there is a big problem. players can pvp in every world as normal, however once a player reaches half a heart they become unkillable. they lose all items in their inventory as if they had died but there is no "You Died" screen and they player can continue to roam around as if they are still alive. no death message appears in chat and it looks normal to every other player. again this happens in ALL worlds and all the worlds have Pvp enabled. and there is no plugin that is causing this being as i disabled nearly all of them and the problem doesnt go away. PLEASE HELP!
  2. Hmm.. its obviously a plugin or some setting in a config.. wipe your plugins then try.. then slowly add back every plugin until you hit your problem
  3. reset the server
    Back to square 1
  4. K now. install each plugin 1 by 1 until you get the error/problem, remove that plugin or check its config and you should be good
  5. Also, if they are in "alike god mode", delete their player data.
  6. it was all players even freshly joined ones
  7. Just do what I said
  8. That's a glitch.
    I assume you're running 1.8.3 and the players are running Optifine Ultra, as that's the most popular method.

    Downgrade to 1.7
  9. i deleted the plugins folder and redownloaded every plugin that i had previously owned to i stil have eno idea what the problem was