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Solved Players cannot PVP

Discussion in 'Bugs & Feature Requests' started by viperkevin, Jul 4, 2013.

  1. I'm using build #998

    Players on my server cannot PVP, in any World. I have looked through every one of my plugins Configuration files and cannot find anything relating to PVP or Damage being denied or prevented.
    Players can be injured by mobs, falling anvils and Lava.

    I have not installed any new plugins. My Worldguard and server.properties file is allowing pvp/damage.

    Here is my plugin list -

    Please help!


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  2. Wazez


    Check server.properties first.

    Then check for any pvp-related plugins, and world generation plugin configs
    I can see multiverse, check the worlds file and see if you've disabled pvp in any of the worlds
    Check for a 'pvp-disabled' option in your factions config
    and so on,

    you might also want to clear some of your plugins,
    e.g keepxp, I assume it's a plugin to allow players to keep their exp when they die?
    that can be replaced by a permission within the essentials plugin: essentials.keepxp
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  3. Dmck2b

    Services Staff

    Try /region flag __global__ pvp allow

    I've had some issues with WorldGuard randomly defaulting to false after an update.
  4. joehot200


    I have had some issues with Essentials blocking PVP after teleporting, make sure to turn off essentials teleport-pvp-protection.
    (Note: Includes things like AntiCheat teleporting, thats why its a problem)

  5. PVP was disabled in Multiverse! Thank you so much
    Thanks all for your suggestions.
  6. hello I have a problem with worldguard the region to spawn pvp does not work ?
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  7. I have same problem with pvp, players on my server can't pvp, can u help me guys ? :)
  8. having the same issue
  9. I`m having the same issue! /region define __global__ pvp allow didnt work. HELP ME
  10. fixed! i had a plugin called: launcher... it was messing things up..... (Join my server!)
  11. I know the Answer get rid of the LobbyNecessities Plugin and your all set

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  12. in my worlds file it says pvp false and i save it when i restart the server it does not save pls help me!
  13. my plugins plugins.png
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