Solved Players can't build or break!?!? NEED ANSWER FAST

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  1. For some reason, my default players cannot break or place blocks in certain worlds!?
    I have been searching the web for an answer but so far got none. I gave them modifyworld.*, essentials.break, and but none work!!!

    Permissions (PEX):
    ^^^ I'm trying to give the "builder" class these perms.

    I have PermissionsEx and MultiverseCore (the two I suspect may be causing the problem).

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  2. Just check for all the plugins if there's a feature preventing them from building. Also check the spawn radius settings. This makes non op players not able to break blocks withing a radius
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  3. Do you use EssentialsAntibuild? That may be the problem.
  4. @bram0101 thank you this worked!

    @TheUpBeatGamer I did have antibuild but when I removed it players still couldn't build so that may have been an issue as well.

    Thank you both!