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  1. I have a problem on my 1.8 spigot faction server. The problem is where random player at random times lose the ability to build or break blocks. Like i said this is completely random and every starts with the ability when they first join. I just switched from permissionex to groupmanager in hopes to fix this but it did not.
    Plugins list:
    not all my plugins but the ones that might be an issue.

    my world/groups folder

    had to change to .txt file
    Please Help Me

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  2. My guess would be it's your essentials, I had the same issue, I believe that its essentialsbuild.jar specifically causing the issues if I remember right.
  3. Well i dont have essentialsbuild.jar, i had essentials antibuild in but i took it out to try and fix this issue.
  4. I meant antibuild sorry, if you took that out I would consider trying to find a different version of essentials, my co-owner got us the one that the spigot team came out with, I don't know where he got it though sorry
  5. Im pretty sure all my essentials version are good. Please help me people <3
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    He got it from here.
  7. Same i am pretty sure its not my Version that are messed up.
  8. Just found out that the users that couldn't build are losing their inventories on reset.
  9. Try multiverse. Do you use per-world permissions, and do players have permission for the world they log into?
  10. I'd guess WorldGaurd, factions or Multiverse.
  11. If your talking about build: true for my permissions yes i have that...
  12. Does it give them a message?
  13. No message ,i just removed the factions plugin i had and no problem for about 20 minutes but its done that before.
  14. So it was factions?
  15. Looks like its not factions ! false alarm. About an half hour after i took it out someone couldn't break...
  16. I'd say try fbasics and if that doesn't work then it's WorldGaurd or multiverse.
  17. Removed fbasics nothing. I dont understand how multiverse would effect it. ill try worldguard!
  18. I know i suggest you something not reasonable,and as i see the topic is old,i recomend all the readers to delete all their files wich have acces to building,and to disable them one by one,if the problem is persting,enable the plugin and try another one!