Players Can't do anything on my server! Pls Help

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  1. In my server any new players are not allowed to place break, do ANY / commands even after installing Luckperms and giving them permissions, someone please come and help me, i tried everything an none of it worked, pls help
    thank you
  2. MrButtersDev

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    Did you set defaults perms?
  3. We need to know more, such as what plugins you are running and if it recently stopped working. We can't magically help you from thin air
  4. Yes, but i am not sure i did them right, i set them with luck perms. If u want i can trust u and let u have a look.
  5. MrButtersDev

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    /lp group default editor

    Use that to edit the default group's perms and send us a screenshot so we can see if the perms are correct! It's a simple and easy way to edit perms.
  6. There are all the prem i have set

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  8. Taking a screenshot of your permissions aren't really gonna help me track down anything.
    Please give us a copy of these:
    - Plugin list
    - Which players? Everyone? Or just a specific group? Are you included?
    - Do you want them to be able to place/break blocks? All blocks? Or a specific region of blocks? Which plugin manages regions?
  9. If i un-op myself i will not be able to use ANY commands, and none of the players can do ANY commands as well. I will allow you access to my Console, since you took the time to reply and i do belive your trying to help.

    And thank you to all the people the helped as well