Players cant open chests in spawn. (Enderchests / chests)

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  1. The title says it all..

    And i dont know how to remove parent region or remove a parent one since nobody knows how.. and google doesnt solve it either..

    So how do i remove a parent region and how do i make people open enderchest in certain regions.. Even PRIORITY DOESNT WORK!
  2. check your spawn protection radius in
    and make sure your chests are not in the spawn protection radius... if you need to make the radius small... like 2, 3 or even 0.
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  3. Check GP manager,do u allow players to open chests in da world that u cant open chest?
  4. World guard can block this. Try making a region of spawn setting priority really high and making it use allow and chest access allow.
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  5. For WorldGuard you can do these following commands to allow chest access:

    /rg flag <region name> chest-access allow
    /rg flag <region name> use allow

    Hope that helps :)
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  6. Nice spoon feeding the code I said.

    I give what they should do, if they don't know command then they need to learn it.
    Copying commands like you said is not helpful. It fixes their problem but in the future they won't know how to fix.
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  7. Sorry, I only read your post as setting the priority high :p My bad :)
  8. allow them also to interact with it
  9. Learn to read? Like.. Lol
  10. I think I'll go and learn how to read now ;)
  11. Ok. Lol ;)
  12. lol wat? he is not designing a plugin. He is asking for help. The commands will be listed just like that on any help page for WG.. Since when is giving someone the exact command they need to make a plugin do it's job 'spoon feeding code'?
  13. He needs to learn how. Most people will NOT learn by copy and pasting commands.
  14. You cannot be sure that OP is not learning. You can post anything as you like but you cannot determine whether other's help is appropriate nor OP is learning or not. That would be none of your business. Or are you setting some guideline everyone has to follow?? hope not.
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  15. Well, he wants help? The forums were made for people to seek help?
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  16. Ok, but if we tell him what he NEEDS to do, then he should figure out HOW to do it. The best way of learning is trial and error.
  17. Oh I agree with you :) If you're told what to do, you should be able to do it
  18. Yep
  19. Seems like the comments section has been flooded with questions.. and answers.

    1. vk2gpz - Will try this solution: If not then ill reply to this post again..

    All you others: I know the basics commands, been running servers for 4 years and ive killed 6 of them!


    Back to point: Will post again if the solution / wont work.

    - Multi
  20. Shut the fuck up, u basically are spoon feeding him information. The kid needed help so he gave him the command, don't be a fucking douchebag.
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