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Bug Players Can't Place Signs.... erorr comes up...

Discussion in 'Bugs & Feature Requests' started by dodo6470, Jul 13, 2015.

  1. Hey Guys! Help me out I have this problem with playerrs and signs they cant really place them only ops can so I was wondering if someone could tell me any perms or config I need to change in order for non-ops to place signs for chest shops.

    Here's some srceenshots:



  2. Do you have any plugins?
  3. Do you use Permissions or an Permission Plugin?
  4. Plugins:
    • ActiveSigns
    • AdminFun
    • Announcer
    • BarAPI
    • Chestshop
    • Clearlag
    • Corpses
    • Dynmap
    • EnjinPlugin
    • Essentials
    • GroupManager <---- Permissions Manager
    • GAListener
    • GriefPrevention
    • MobArena
    • MobRewards
    • Multiverse-Core
    • Multiverse-Inventories
    • PlotMe-Core
    • PLotme-DefaultGenerator
    • SignColors
    • Signs
    • SignShop
    • TuxTwoLib
    • Vault
    • Votifier
    • WarpPortals
    • WorldEdit
    • WorldGuard
  5. Remove all your signs plugins and just use Essentials color signs.
  6. The problem is most likely one of these plugins
    • ActiveSigns
    • SignColors
    • Signs
    • SignShop
  7. ok I checked the 4 plugins and this problem is from the plugin named "Signs"
    it does state this note

    Note: WorldGuard protection are normally also supported, whenever a player can place blocks he can edit signs. If OnlyInOwnedRegion is enabled, a player can only edit signs if he's owner or member in the region. This means also that, when no region is set, he can't edit signs

    you can try to give your default group the following perm and it might work "signs.bypass.WorldGuard" if it didnt work I would suggest removing it or replace it with another plugin

    1. replace ActiveSigns with ServerSigns it does the same and I think it does more but in a professional way http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/serversigns/
    2. replace Signs with SignEdit https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/signedit.3652/
    3. remove SignShop and SignColors and use essentials option for both of them how?

    in essentials config you will find the following:

    #- color
    #- balance
    #- buy
    #- sell
    #- trade
    #- free
    #- disposal
    #- warp
    #- kit
    #- mail
    #- enchant
    #- gamemode
    #- heal
    #- info
    #- spawnmob
    #- repair
    #- time
    #- weather

    remove the # synonym from the option you want to use
  8. Thank you so much dude!! You don't know how much that was irritating me, and that plugin is way better than the one I had because its so much more customisable!