Solved Players can't place Spawners!!

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  1. I need some help, I own a server '' and my players cant place spawners.
    I have silkspawners installed and I have disabled it and added and* but they still can not place the spawners. i am running 1.8 Spigot

    Plugin List :
    Plugins (60): CrazyCrates, GroupManager, PlugMan, NametagEdit, TnTFill, MaxBans, VoxelSniper, TagsGUI, NoteBlockAPI, ViaVersion, WorldEdit, CustomList, Essentials, ClearLag, ChatControl, WorldBorder, BuycraftX, EPearlCooldown, Votifier, eFix, ProtocolLib, Multiverse-Core, NoCheatPlus, KitAdder, MVdWPlaceholderAPI, EssentialsChat, ObsidianBreak, FeatherBoard, mcMMO, ActionAnnouncer, GAListener, Vault, EnjinMinecraftPlugin, EpicRename, HolographicDisplays, VoteParty, WorldGuard, Factions, ChestCommands, EssentialsProtect, EditableSign, PlayerVaults, SupplyCrates, EssentialsSpawn, MyCommand, GuiShop, PlayerHeads, TitleManager, SpawnerShop, CombatLog, FBasics, LinkItem, ServerlistMOTD, Banknotes, WarpPortals, SilkSpawners, OnTime, UltimatePlugin, RedeemableMcMMO, CrazyEnchantments

    pls help!
  2. Can they mine the spawners with silktouch?
    Have you set the config right?
  3. Yes they can break spawners with silktouch when i have silkspawners installed.
    What config are you talking about exactly?
  4. I have deleted silkspawners and its config and ran the server. Still the same incident.
  5. Try a server without ANY plugins and only slik spawners, see if it then works
  6. Will do!
  7. I have resolved this issue. Turns out I had to add a permissions node from GUIShop to allow players to place spawners.
  8. what is the permission node?
  9. I think it was or something, it should be on the page of permissions on GUIShop
  10. yo i still need help with this was the permission same thing is happening with me :(
  11. Just for anyone else who happens to be having this issue, make sure you give proper permissions for users if you're using Luckperms or something else to manage permissions. You can find a list of permissions on the plugin page here:

    At the least you should give:
    • spawner.canharvest - Allow players to mine spawners
    • - Allow players to place spawners