Solved Players can't pvp

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  1. On my server my players can't pvp. I have ruled out all of the plugins I recently installed. I looked in the console and it doesn't say anything about this error. I would like to have pvp re-enabled but how would I find the cause of it if the console doesn't say anything?
  2. Have you checked your I'm pretty sure there's a setting in there which allows you to enable/disable pvp.
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  3. Yeah I did and pvp is enabled but still pvp doesn't work :(
  4. Do you have worldguard installed? There's a flag that allows you to disable pvp which might be causing the issue.
  5. I do but in the region of the area I want people to pvp in has the flag set to allow
  6. Disable every plugin and test. I think you will find the problem ;)
  7. I disabled all of my plugins and it still wouldn't work, I did /plugman disable all
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