Solved Players Disconnecting in Certain Chunks

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by Nighterblde, Jun 9, 2015.

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  1. I'm having the same issue at the moment and I have all my plugins disabled. I am unsure what is causing the issue.
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  2. For those who are also experiencing this issue, I found this:
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  3. This was already posted earlier :p
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  4. My bad then...
  5. Still need a solution to already placed signs
    As this was not really solved can you remove solved from the title please
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  6. I have had this happen twice now. First time I had my host roll back the server 24 hours and that fixed it. Then I disabled signs in WorldGuard, and yes I disabled all three types and checked to make sure that players could not place a sign. Then that night it happened again! My host says its the sign exploit but I disabled signs and it still happened. I am trying to find someone to download the map into mcedit and see if they can fix it from there as the players hate to have me roll back the server. Any clue how to fix this in game? How do i use coreprotect to roll back an area if I do not know the name of the player who might have placed a sign? I am not that good with coreprotect. :(
  7. /co rollback r<radius around you> t:<time>
    /co rollback r:100 t:5hr
  8. Thank you AaronL98 its fixed, now I just need to figure out why the players don't have perms to use the survival portal now, lol, its always something.

    Thanks again :)

  9. I had a player abusing this on my server today, purposely crashing other players' clients. After banning the player and their IP, I was able to use CoreProtect to roll back the player's actions with "/co rollback u:<player> r:#global t:24h". Going to update to 1.8.7; can anyone confirm this bug/exploit is or isn't possible on 1.8.7?
  10. Updating to latest spigot fixed it for me
  11. I Didnt have Core Protect, how I can fix it now? :/
  12. Update.
  13. I don't wanna update to 1.8.7, many plugins are still incompatible with it. Also people in the first page of this thread said that updating they didnt solve the problem.
  14. I solved cutting the entire area with world edit. Now I have Core Protect for future problems. That plugin is interesting btw, gonna use it if I have more problems and if they fix the tps problems stated in the 1st review.
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  15. Just a quick note for anyone who is "stuck" in the chunks and have no way of getting out;
    If you log in through minechat you won't get kicked, thus allowing you to teleport out of the chunks so that you can log back in.
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  16. The TPS problems were fixed a while ago. =)
  17. Either somebody wrote a work around or it wasn't patched, because the exploit was just used again on my server. I'm temporarily banning sign placement until I'm sure a patch is released.

    Also, the reason a lot of you might have thought it was patched is that a restart removes the text from the sign and makes it no longer crash the client.

    If it was patched, can somebody link to the commit?
  18. Just use this.
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  19. It's a corrupted chunk.
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