Solved Players Disconnecting in Certain Chunks

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by Nighterblde, Jun 9, 2015.

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  1. lol
  2. md_5 replied to and locked another thread saying that it is fixed in 1.8.7.
  3. Link?
  4. Same thing happened to me
  5. Okay so I have the same issue happening at /p h Deoderant and I am trying to go there and "/co rollback t:12h r:100' but I get kicked right away. it doesn't give me enough time
  6. Log on to an alt, so /seen {yourname} and tp to the location but like a couple hundred blocks away on x or z (/tppos) and rollbackw ith a bigger radius.

    Or, ya know... just update your server..
  7. I don't think updating removes already placed ones, it just blocks them from placing it again.
  8. Theepwner


    It does remove (for me at least)
  9. It fixed it for me. The server loads the signs in differently, allowing the client to render them or something.

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  10. Yes I did. I was at a stop that I couldn't get kicked and did /rollback t:20h r:100 and it didn't work. I also updated to 1.8.7 but it also didn't work. I tried //replacenear 1000 wall_sign 0 and my server crashed.
  11. Try AsyncWorldEdit then for large radius's.
  12. Okay I fixed it. I was at a block 1 block away from a spot that would kick me, and I did /co rollback t:20h r:500 (I went to coreprotect and changed the radius to 500 instead of 100)
  13. Hi, I also have this problem...

    I can't rollback with any plugins e.g. Logblock (The one I use) because I'm currently stuck in the corruption chunk, so when I join, I get instantly kicked/disconnected... So, what are the current fixes? (I've read above but I don't see any propper fixes) even rollbacking the area isn't very good for me.
  14. Getting the same problem , please someone help!
  15. @Nighterblde you need to put RAM to make your server faster to load more chunks or you need to delete some plugins so the server is not using too much RAM up
  16. Update to the latest version of spigot.
    How ignorant are you lmao
  17. For those still having the problem, this is what I did... (didn't have a rollback program 1.8.7 didn't exist yet)

    Step one: Find the area where I was crashing

    Step two: Select a large area, like HUGE. I selected 1000 x 1000ish area with WorldEdit. Use AsyncWorldEdit if you think your server won't be able to handle it. Make sure you use //expand vert to select every block bedrock to sky.

    Step three: //replace sign,wall_sign air. This would replace every single sign in the area with air. And sure it might break a few things for some players but I think they'll thank you more since they'll be able to log back in to the area and actually fix things instead of just being kicked out.

    OPTIONAL Step four: Update to the latest version of Spigot if possible. it'll save you a world of pain and prevent it from happening again.

    NOTE: I might have gotten the command wrong but just check for block ids for signs and wall signs.
  18. How do i rollback the whole world with coreprotect without amy used needed

    when i try to rollback with /co rollback r:#world t:5hr it says u forgot to specify a user
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