Players don't get damage!

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  1. Dear readers,
    I have been making a skyblock server for the past few weeks and now that its almost done I started testing,
    but came across a problem that my players could not pvp and that they could not get damage from mobs/tnt/falling.

    I have player vs player enabled and all worldguard regions are removed becouse of a plugin bug I had.

    Plugins installed:
    - Askyblock
    - AuctionHouse
    - Chatformat
    - Chestcommands
    - ClearLag
    - Colorchat
    - Coreprotect
    - CustomCrates
    - EasyWarp
    - Holographic displays
    - iConomyRecreation
    - Launcher
    - LeakParkour
    - Mobcash
    - Mycommand
    - Nametag edit
    - NoCheatPlus
    - OreGenerator Revolution
    - Permissionsex
    - Placeholder API
    - plugman
    - Protocolib
    - SexyPex
    - Vault
    - Viabackwards
    - Viaversion
    - Void2Spawn
    - worldedit
    - Worldguard

    Can someone help me? If you need to see the config from a plugin I will make a pastebin for you :)
  2. Umm, this is the BungeeCord forum, not the Spigot one ;)
    Look in WorldGuards config and in your to see if pvp is disabled
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  3. server properties is pvp true, same with worldguard: disable-damage: false
  4. And in the flags of WG?
  5. pvp: allow
    invincible: deny
  6. Remove all plugin jars and add them back one by one (so restart and test after every plugin install) to see which plugin is causing this.
  7. thanks for the tip!
  8. No problem, keep me updated!
  9. yea i have a developer of mine looking at it so hopefully he will find the problem
  10. Das kann man am Server einstellen ^^