Players "freeze" on death

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by Rasturize, Aug 12, 2018.

  1. Spigot build: 1.8.8

    Currently having an issue where when a player is killed in pvp, their player model is "frozen" at the spot of their death, even if the player respawns. Basically, the player's death animation is a lot longer than it should be. If you have any ideas on fixes please let me know. Can't provide plugins used unfortunately.
  2. "Can't provide plugins used unfortunately." than nobody can realy help you
  3. HAHAAHHAHAH That is quite funny
    Basically saying "I have a 1.8.8 server, cant tell you my plugins, please help"

    "Can't provide plugins used unfortunately."
    Can't and Won't are two different things
    Can you provide them? Yes, you can, all you do is run /pl in your console, copy and paste or /pl on your server and screenshot.
    Will you provide them? NO... You have chosen not to.
    Will you get support? NOPE
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  4. No need to be aggressive. I'm aware without a plugin list not much help can be given, just wondering if this is an issue that's happened to others before or if they know a possible cause.
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  5. Thats generally a client side error.
    I have seen that happen before. Restarted my computer and its fine.
    If in your case a restart doesn't help, then maybe its server side, but with the lack of information we have, really no way to tell.
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  6. Appreciate this either way <3
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  7. what you can try if the Player dies, just use the spigot#resspawnPlayer method and look if it is working.
  8. Hello, did you consider trying to bring up the player automatically without the screen of death?