Players get kicked [5$ REWARD]

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  1. Hey there! Im getting some issues with my SkyWars server.

    Players gets kicked when a Arena start, or just get kicked in any moment....

    > [14:18:26 INFO]: Plugins (20): ComuCore, LuckPerms, FastAsyncWorldEdit, GremorySkywars, ExecuteEverywhere, PlugMan, Top, ViaVersion, Levels, Vault, SaneEconomy, ProtocolLib, AAC, WorldEdit, Citizens, SQLEcon, AAC-AntiCrash, HolographicDisplays, ComuGlobal, WorldGuard

    Error 1: [02:43:43] [Server thread/INFO]: Sanzai_Graypath lost connection: Internal Exception: Error while writev(...): Connection reset by peer

    Error 2: [02:44:13] [Server thread/INFO]: LoboGlaciar lost connection: Internal Exception: Error while read(...): Connection reset by peer

    Any fix to end with that error will be rewarded with 5$ (PayPal)

    Thanks to all.
  2. I think there is a problem in the code of your skywars plugin
  3. Can you please be more specific? Thanks
  4. I don’t know how the Skywars plugin is made so I can’t be sure but there is maybe a problem with the skywars pl, it’s a possibility.
    Sorry but I can’t explain, I’m french and my english is bad :/
  5. We don't even know if that plugin is custom or not?

    @ericevo what spigot (minecraft) version are you using?
  6. Looking in the review section of that plugin, a lot of people are complaining about bugs. I'd say your best bet for now is to try and use a different SkyWars plugin and see if it makes a difference (or at least try removing it for now and see if people are still losing connection).

    Other than that, you're using a spigot version which has been unsupported for over 3 years. You can try the above suggestion of using a different SkyWars plugin, but I'm not gonna try to help someone who uses a piece of software which has been unsupported for 3 years.
  7. The developer of the plugin provided code (boughted from selly) But, I dont know what is the problem to kick players....

    Here is the start() code:

    Thanks :)
  8. That's what @MrDienns is talking about. We don't know because it's not our plugin along with the fact that you should get a different plugin because of its reviews...
  9. Take a look to the code, You can may say what is wrong in the code...
  10. Everything. That code is a pure brainfart and I can see why people are complaining about bugs in the review section. Save yourself the hassle and get a new, better SkyWars plugin.
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  11. LOL but i actually want that code xD, works good (20 TPS) with about 200 persons online, I have removed the "nametag changer on Start Arena" and it works now...

    Btw, I actually paying the 5$ reward if you found another problem in the code...
  12. If you want good code then go buy a half decent SkyWars plugin for a little more or double that. It isn't that hard what we're telling you. No one is going to recode your SkyWars plugin for $5.
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  13. I'm glad you got it working. Do please take into account that 20 TPS does not mean the code is good. There are many, many reasons why code can be bad. The code above is one big spaghetti, which is one of the reasons I'm calling it bad. Honestly it's not worth $5 for me trying to find bugs in it due to how unstructured it is. If you got it working, then nice job, but I would have gotten a different plugin :p
  14. Im not talking about a recode, im only want to know what bugs are in that code, np if no one want to do that for 5$, only offering that...
  15. Save yourself some time and spend the $5 on another skywars plugin.
  16. What a fix, thanks all for nothing lol
  17. Don't be snobby at us for not wanting to look through code that is really messy for a small amount of money. That would be dumb on our ends, we did suggest that you get a new plugin though, so take the advice or leave it... Agree me with y'all if you do [​IMG]
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