Players Getting Randomly Kicked

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  1. hey guys, i need some help. I have recently release my server and have run into a few issues. All of a sudden, when a player goes to a warp, they get kicked. The log says something to the point of JAVA Out Of Bounds Exception. The major issues is when they try to re log, they keep getting kicked within 3 seconds. Is it a corrupt chunk? How would i fix this issue! Please i need help ASAP
  2. Is it only in a certain place? If so it is most likely the new sign hack that has been plaguing a lot of servers in the past month. Depending on how many signs were placed, it shouldn't be to hard to fix.

    How I Fixed It
    I just had this issue on one of my servers last week. I tried a few things including updating to 1.8.7, all it does is prevent players from placing the signs anymore. So you have to get rid of the hacked signs that were already placed, right? Put your render distance on tiny, find the area which makes you crash. Let it crash you, then rejoin (in the same spot), and do /removenear sign 250 AND /removenear wall_sign 250. You will most likely need to do each of these commands one at a time by pasting them into your chat. It will kick you before you can type the whole thing unless you're some sort of geni. You can use a smaller or larger distance depending on your server hardware. I don't recommend using a value larger than 500 unless totally needed.

    Hope this helps.
  3. Thank you for the info! Did you see anything on the plugin that you can use to prevent these signs? I read into some more may help you out some too if you can find it! Thank you so much for the response though!
  4. Well thanks man! Is this the one you tried? or was it another?
  5. I'm trying to find it.. And I just read that one I linked fully, and it seems that it it may only be good for future sign placements, which is useless if you're using 1.8.7, because it doesn't allow them by default. I'll keep looking, it's here on one of the sign exploit threads somewhere though.
  6. okay thanks. as long as i can stop it from happening in the future i can get rid of all the ones already on the server. Im running 1.8.4 because one of my main plugins wont work on any other version.
  7. How do you do anything when it will not let you into the world. The second it looks like it is going to pull up, my son is getting the long java.lang. out of bounds exception code. I have been reading for hours to try to find out how to fix this so the game can be played. I am sure you can tell by now, that I have no clue what is being discussed. We have Minecraft 1.8.8. Can this be fixed? He is playing the factions 2 game. Ali A Craft is the, what? server? Please advise.....