Solved Player's Inventory Reset when added new world

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  1. ok so recently I added new world, (let's call it world B) to my server World A (old world), and World B, so there are 2 in total now. There are players who play on World A. But when they join back after I added World B, essentials announce that a new player joined, and their inventory just reset. Like gonE. Also with a kits plugin, they gave them a First Join kit, what is going wrong??
  2. Hello there :)
    Can you please list what plugins you are using ? Im getting a scent of Multiverse here ?
  3. I have over 200 plugins, but I can tell you the ones involve players joining, handling kits, and smthng like that.

    Essentials, Multiverse.
  4. Have you installed and configured Multiverse-Inventories ?

    If so it will allow easy configuration of the plugin and the worlds. Basically it will allow or deny users inventories to be kept while entering multiverses.
  5. Nope, never heard of, but I'll do it now, anyway why does this affect other plugins too? InventoryRollback won't detect the returning player as a returning player. And essentials give them that First Join welcome message

    Edit: I would like the inventory and others stay the same on world switch, so do I still need it?
  6. My server is running Spigot 1.8.8
  7. I recommend Multiverse inventories, but your "New Problem" seems to point out Essentials and/or your user manager plugin.
  8. Hm...It's affecting every plugin that has to do with first join plugin features
  9. Alright, so currently what I'm seeing is that something is creating new playerdatas in World B. I think, because of this, everything got reset. But the question is, why would my server use World B's playerdata when the player logs into World A?
  10. The server uses the player data stored in the main world (the world you specified in
  11. True, you have 2 different unrelated problems.
    1. Inventories are stored in the main server ( Multiverse)
    2. Playerdata is in the "Core" server. (Essentials)
  12. But i forgot to ask, this is important.
    You are having problems with playerdata, but you have not mentioned what user manager you are using ? Groupmanager ? Pex etc ?
  13. I am using PermissionsEx
  14. Ah solved, it was because of my server properties level name was on World B, not World A, thank you for ur help :)
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