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Bug Players not taking knockback in my server[Glitch]

Discussion in 'Bugs & Feature Requests' started by Zactybioz, Jun 22, 2015.

  1. Okay, so I have this glitch/bug that my players do not take any knockback at all in my server. Idk what it is that makes this happen but it only seems like players who play from the same ip as me (same home) take knockback, and yes, this is a home-hosted server. I really hope someone can help me fix this glitch

    Lastly here is a list of my plugins:(maybe one of them is making this glitch happen?)

    Worldedit, Essentials, PermissionsEX, Worldguard, CScorelib, BkCommonLib, WarpSigns, Mycommand, Kits, PrisonUtils, PrisonMineplugin, Hubby, ServerSigns, JustWarp, Myworlds(Like Mulitverseworlds), ZavAutomessenger.

    Also I am running spigot 1.8.5 jar.



    Here is a video demonstration of the glitch:
  2. Maybe some players use the anti-knockback hack.
  3. How to fix that?
  4. You need an anticheat, AAC or AntiAura should be fine.