Players not taking mob damage.

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  1. In my server all players can drown, take fall damage, and pvp damage, but mobs do not do anything for them. We use WorldGuard and Multiverse. I have looked up and down and everything is set properly in the configs. No special flags are set I even tried setting mob-damage allow and still nothing. Any ideas on this? If you need any more information please let me know I will try to update as fast as possible.

    EDIT: Looks like even opped players take no mob damage, so most likely nothing permissions related.

    EDIT2: We do use factions and I am thinking its something to do with the wilderness not allowing it but am not sure how to check that, I looked at the factions flags but do not see anything relating to it.
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  2. Hi,
    did you check if world guard removed mob damage? it could be in the flags of the world ... otherwise you can try looking in the config.yml
  3. Yeah I checked, It is supposed to be set to allow by default but I also went ahead and added it in anyways and still not working properly.