Players Still On The Server Glitch

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by ToxicProfessor, Apr 2, 2016.

  1. hmm, I'm having this problem were players who leave the server are still on when they leave.

    They stay in tab list, you can't kick them or anything. When you TP to them there heads are backwards.

    Just wanted to see if anyone as had the issue before, if so know how to resolve it.
  2. You would probably receive more support if you screenshotted the output of "/plugins"
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  3. My best guess is a bugged combat-logging plugin
  4. Combat log glitch? Mind going into further detail?
  5. Well it makes sense that if the player logs off and a fake NPC of them (I assume it's an NPC because of the tilted head) then it must be a combat logging plugin. Try taking whichever one you currently have out and test if the error still occurs
  6. If you happen to have an auto respawn plugin, it's most likely that as I've ran into the issue before with the source being the auto respawn feature within the server's core.