Bukkit PlayerShops GUI [BSP] - Allow players to create public shops v1.2.3

Allows players to create public GUI Shops to sell their items.

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    PlayerShops GUI [BSP] - Allow players to create public shops - Allows players to create public GUI Shops to sell their items.

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  2. Questions:
    1. Does this plugin support offline players as in if they go offline will their shop disappear if not
    2. Does the offline player receive the money if they go online?
    3. Does this plugin have shop expiration time?
    3. If the shop has expiration time will the player get their item back?
    4. If the shop expires will offline players get their item back when they go online?
    5. If the shop expires and the sellers inventory is full will they loose the items that will not fit in inventory?

    1. MySQL support for cross server transactions and data storage
    2. Shop expiration
    3. If the shop expires the shop will be moved at the end of the list or taken out of the list
    4. Shop rank indicator Ex. Your shop is #1 in the list (So they can notify any seller what number their shop is)
    5. Shop list pages with scroll button
    6. Command to open another players shop directly Ex. /shop <playername> OR /shop <shopnumber>
    7. player sign shops so they can setup sign shop which give access to their shop to other players
    - create a sign in land or wall
    - do command /ps create
    - right click on sign
    - sign will convert to a playershops sign
    - configurable sign shop text with placeholder support like player name, shop number, etc
    8. global sign shops
    9. configurable shop slots with permission support (players can buy shop item slots so they will have more space) with scroll button
    10. Now I feel ashamed for asking so much LOL!

    Goodluck man bossshop pro is so integrated in our server + npc
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  3. Configurable.
    Option A: All shops are loaded (even shops of online players)
    Option B: Loading and listing shops of online players only. Players can (optional feature) rent a better listing spot for a configurable amount of time though, which will make their shop visible even if they are offline, as long as the spot is rented.

    Players can check out their shop and click a button in order to collect all earned money.

    Not directly, however a similar effect can be achieved by the renting system: Only showing the shops of online players or the shops which rented a temporary high listing spot. Unloaded shops do not affect the memory at all They are part of the file system only and not loaded in any kind.

    If players would join the server after their renting time expired, their shop would be loaded again and their items still available.

    See previous question. By the way: Players can collect items- while being in shop edit mode - by simply clicking the item in the shop. The lore warns players with a full inventory that items that do not fit in the inventory will be dropped on the ground at the players location.

    Currently their is a file system where every player gets his own small storage file. Only files of online players/listed shops will be loaded at all. Depending on the settings ("ListOnlinePlayerShopsOnly: true") it can be made sure that a limited amount of shops is loaded at once - even when having a large amount of players. Cross-server support is not possible at the moment but would become possible in case of adding MySQL support.

    Might be added, besides the already existing renting system.

    Can already be done with the renting system and would be the case if shop expiration would be added.

    Good idea!

    Already included ;-) Besides the look of all components can be customized optionally.

    Good idea!

    PlayerShops signs are a good idea!

    Uhm what?

    Already included.

    Don't worry :p Your questions were kind of a neat way to provide some more information and FAQ.

    Thanks a lot @RAZERMC
  4. @Blackixx
    Hi is it possible to prevent some items/blocks to be sell/buy form shops? A atyle of blacklisted list.
    And maybe a price limit (minimum and maximum) for items. So players can't sell a stone_button for 999999999$

    The price limit would be REALLY nice for prison server, skyblock, factions servers I think.

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  5. Blackixx updated PlayerShops GUI [BSP] - Allow players to create public shops with a new update entry:

    Many new features and improvements

    Read the rest of this update entry...

    @maxlehot1234 there you go ;-) An item blacklist will soon be added aswell.
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  6. Thanks for the fix! Looking forward to trying it today!
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  7. Could you add a sort feature? It would have several major categories such as "Building Supplies" "Tools" "Weapons" "Potions/Books" "Misc"

    It would search all shops and sort the items in that category from cheapest to most expensive. It would make the prices more competitive and make items easier to find.
  8. Does not work on my server, I click on the item to place the value but nothing happens...
    using Spigot 1.10.2 R0.1
  9. Are you in "Edit mode" when clicking your item? You need to start the shop edit mode in order to be able to add/remove items or increase shop slots. If it is still not working, please provide your BossShopPro BugFinder.yml and server.log via pastebin.com.
  10. http://pastebin.com/ufWNnCif

    It was not generated BugFinder.yml in BossShop Folder...
  11. oh! sorry for the inconvenience!
  12. No problem ;)
  13. this plugin is incompatibility with a plugin I'm using, is not working, I'll find out what
  14. Inhowfar not working? Providing a server.log and some more information would enable me to help you.
  15. Inhowfar?... Please give me some more information. If both plugins really would be incompatible I could probably modify PlayerShops in order to make them compatible.
  16. when I click on the item, it does not appear to enter the value, but if I remove the EditMobs appears!
  17. I'll contact the EditMobs dev and send you a PM telling you the progress.

    Progress here:
    EditMobs seems to cancel all inventory click events including specific inventory titles. In this case the events are cancelled because the inventory title is red and bold.
    PlayerShops GUI does only accept items which are not forbidden by other plugins. That way it can be prevented that players sell special plugin items like for example a GuiShopManager server selector or bossshop menu button. I've contacted the EditMobs dev to solve the issue and use a better way to determine whether the inventories belong to EditMobs or not.
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